Dreaming with Dalí – Discover the Inner World of the Famous Catalan Artist

A car where it rains inside.  Melting clocks on the walls.  A goddess that turns into a torero (bullfighter) at second glance.  A room that looks at you, while enticing you with lips to sit on.  Jewelry that seems to come straight out of a fairytale…

Dalí Museum in Figueres

Dalí Museum in Figueres

Discover all of this and much more at a museum which simultaneously functions as the largest Surrealist piece of art in the world.  Set up during his lifetime by world-renowned Surrealist artist Salvador Dalí, the homonymous museum, in his hometown of Figueres, offers you more than your brain and eyes will be able to take in.  Only a 90-minute drive by car, or an hour journey on the high-speed train AVE  from Barcelona and also very close to some quaint towns and relatively unspoiled beaches of the Costa Brava, Dalí’s private and personal universe awaits the curious visitor.

Mae West Room

Mae West Room

Let yourself be guided by Dalí experts who will not only shine new light on the Catalan artist’s famous paintings, such as Leda Atómica or the Mae West Room installation, but who will also offer you background information on Salvador Dalí’s most common motifs  found in many of his works, such as The Persistence of Memory or Soft Self-Portrait with Grilled Bacon. Learn about his connections with Alfred Hitchcock and Walt Disney, the role of Gala, his wife, muse and manager and discover why famous Surrealist artist André Breton decided to make an anagram of his name, in which he called Dalí “Avida Dollars”.

Salvador Dalí - genius o madman?

Salvador Dalí – genius o madman?

While you’re up north, make sure not to miss the idyllic fishin village of Cadaqués, where Dalí used to stay while he was in Catalonia, along with the medieval and morbid Púbol, the castle which he gave as a gift to his beloved Gala. Don’t give it a second thought. Visiting the Dalí museum is an opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the most famous artists of the 20th century, who once purportedly said: “The only difference between a madman and me is that I am not mad.” Are you ready?


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